It was great to remember the life and legacy of David Watson at the weekend.  His death (25 years ago last week) shocked many, and yet he achieved so much in his 50 years with us.  As John Wimber used to say, ‘it’s not the age, it’s the mileage’.

I have appreciated researching David’s life in the past and enjoyed being able to teach on his legacy.  The challenge, though, is not to build a shrine to him, but to be thankful by learning lessons for the present and future.

The 3 key themes of his life: evangelism, renewal and reconciliation are still so relevant to the 21st Century church in the UK.  Both at St Michael le Belfrey in York, and across the nation, we need a church passionately committed to all three issues: reaching out to people (in evangelism), reaching up to God (in renewal) and reaching in to church (in reconciling love to others).

I commend all David’s books – especially his autobiography, You are my God, and his excellent book Discipleship.  For a short introduction to David Watson and his legacy, try my David Watson: Evangelism, Renewal & Reconciliation.