When I first arrived in York in January 2009, I was praying one day and in my imagination I was taken back to a tent at the Greenbelt Arts festival in the 1980’s.  Graham Cray (who was Vicar of St Michael le Belfrey at the time) was leading a seminar and was talking about the social action going on here at the time.  The funny thing is, whilst I remember that I heard Graham speak back then, I can’t recall the substance of anything that was said (such is my poor memory!) Anyway, as I was praying I was hearing him speak about some of the exciting and impacting social action taking place in York in the 1980’s, which all sounded good.  I then sensed the Lord say “the social action that was happening in this Church in the ‘80s isn’t finished, and I want to renew and increase it in this day”.

I have sat on that word for a couple of years, but am sharing it now as it seems to chime with things I am beginning to see and stories I am hearing from church members recently.  I think that God is challenging us in our attitudes to the needs around us and calling us to a work of social as well as spiritual transformation in this day. I would ask you all to be praying into this, asking for his heart of compassion for those around us and seeking God for where He is leading us.