I’ve been reading Heidi & Rolland Baker’s ‘The Hungry Always Get Fed’ whilst having some post-Easter rest. Truly inspiring. Here’s a quote from Heidi, as she reflects on a large gathering of hungry people in Mozambique and it’s similarities to the story of Jesus feeding the 5000+ people.

No doubt Jesus looked around, spotted this little kid with his lunch and thought “I can use him.” We are a lot like that kid. We are nothing special, naturally speaking, yet in God’s eyes we a totally awesome. He can do great things with us if we will cooperate with him. Your little lunch in the hands of God can feed a multitude!

But hear this: we have to stop looking at our lunch (because it is kind of pitiful) and look at God! Stop looking at your limited resources and start looking at the One who can multiply them. Stop looking at your life and thinking how insignificant it looks! Yield it to God, fully, totally, completely, and allow him to multiply it.

Most people think: “That’s too simple.” They have a habit of saying, “But, look at me!” thinking their case is unique – that they, in some way, are uniquely disqualified from serving God and will never see him do miraculous things through them. But when you say “Look at me” God always responds, “But, look at Me!”

You know, God has more than enough resources to bring the transformation he desires. And one of those resources is you. So give yourself wholeheartedly to him and give him all that you have – however insignificant it may seem. That’s how multitudes are fed.