Really enjoying reading a few chapters each day of Heidi & Rolland Baker’s latest book, Learning to Love. I’m always moved when I read of their wonderful work in Mozambique. I feel their passion and compassion. So far their missions organisation ‘Iris’ has planted 1,700 churches in Cabo Delgado province alone and 10,000 churches across the world. Wow! Here are three short extracts which I read yesterday that inspired me:

‘We begin each day by immediately exercising faith in Jesus to attack every problem and pressure we have. We cast all our anxiety on him because he cares for us. This sets us free to rejoice in him always and take a positive view of everything. Then we pray for the greatest, most miraculous, victorious day ever! And on we go through the rest of the day, loving and worshipping him as we use our gifts, natural and supernatural, to bless everyone we can, as deeply as we can.’ (p.129)

‘This is not the time to be hindered by doubts, divisions and politics in the Church. We don’t have room to worry about titles, positions, credits and recognition. We can’t be frustrated by concerns over support and publicity. We don’t know how to engineer and program revival. We are dependant on God like humble little children. What we have seen and heard has raised our expectations to new heights. He is able to keep us and finish what he began in us. We can trust him with our hearts, our spirits, our health – anything that has to do with our well being.’ (p.109-110)

‘We are learning to go lower still, which is the only way forward. And we are still learning to stop for the one in the middle of the sea of need. We are still learning what it means to be a friend of God and value fellowship with him and each other above all else. We aren’t professional, high-powered, efficient missionary machines. We measure the quality of our lives by the depth of our relationships. We are learning to love.’ (p.110-111)