Thinking is highly under-rated. Good thinking – that flows freshly and freely – is fantastic. But for most of us it doesn’t just happen. OK, there are things we can do to help us think more creatively on an every-day basis but for the majority of people we need space for really good thinking to happen. That’s why I appreciate August.

For me, August provides helpful space. Space to be with family. Space to have fun and enjoy hanging out with loved ones. It’s about appreciating summer and being outdoors. It’s about catching up on movies and books and sleep. But it’s also about creating space to think. In August I find I take stock. I assess. I think through. And I pray through all sorts of things.

I guess these daily blogs I’ve been producing during August reflect a few of my random thoughts, but there’s much I’ve not blogged about. And I hope there are many other even better thoughts to come!

We need space to have good thoughts. Thoughts that bring clarity and insight. Thoughts that we can share and test with others. Thoughts that inspire action. Action that brings hope and help, and life and love.

That’s why the prophet Haggai says (1:7 MSG): ‘Take a good, hard look at your life. Think it over.’ You see, to think good thoughts like this is not only good for you, or for the people and situations your life influences. Good thinking pleases God.