So the last in the present series of the Belfrey Podcast is now online. It was a pleasure to be the final guest in this the last episode of the current series. Alex Wilmott is a great host. Funny. Chatty. Making you feel relaxed. Everything you want from a presenter.

If you’ve not downloaded and listened yet, you can check it out here.

I reckon we covered quite a lot of ground in 15-20 minutes and we talked about all sorts, from wrapping Christmas presents to God being with us in the ups and downs of life. It’s interesting reading some of the texts and tweets that have commented. The thing that seems to have stood out is my comment that whilst it’s important to appreciate York’s wonderful heritage, the challenge for us is to be history-makers today. I sincerely believe that. We want future generations to look back and be thankful for what we did for our city, region and nation.

Does that put some pressure on us to be people today who are not just taking up space? Yes, definitely. But it should also make us prayerful and dependent on God, who alone can bring the kind of spiritual and social transformation our nation needs. That’s why I love that comment that says we should work as if it all depends on us and pray as if it all depends on God.

So thanks Alex for the opportunity to be on the show. As we pause to celebrate this Christmas, let’s be asking God to equip his people to be history-makers. That’s what we’re called to be.