If someone tells you they’re ‘looking forward’ to something, that could simply mean that they’re looking ahead – looking to the future. But we often use the phrase when we’re saying something much more positive – that we’re really excited about the future.

I believe there’s much to positively look forward to in 2013. I hope that’s how you feel about your life and, if you’re a follower of Jesus, about your church and community. That’s how I feel. And in particular it’s how I feel about The Belfrey.

Some of that excitement and expectation is expressed in our Following Jesus in 2013 leaflet, that you can read by clicking here. It summarises some of our plans for the year ahead and formed the basis for my preaching across our congregations last Sunday.

As we make our plans for the year ahead, both personally and corporately, so we’ve asked members of The Belfrey to renew their financial support to the church by renewing their financial giving this coming weekend. We do this each year around his time, on the back of the vision for the year. So if you’re part of The Belfrey and reading this, please make sure you’ve read Following Jesus in 2013 and if you weren’t in church last Sunday, do check out one of my Vision Sunday talks, like this one from the 9am Congregation (click here). They will really help each of us pray about the year ahead and plan how we might give of our time, energy and money.

It’s great to have Vision Sundays, but in the end they’re only beneficial if people get behind the vision, and the vision is turned into action! That’s what we’re really praying for and working for. So join me in 2013 in making this a year of vision-inspired action that really makes a difference in serving God’s transformation of the North.