What a great weekend we’ve had at The Belfrey! It’s been absolutely fabulous (see blog of 19 August 2012)!

It was a privilege on Saturday to host on behalf of OneVoice York the National Day of Prayer Celebration in York. Jonathan Oloyede and Rebekah Brettle were brilliant, updating us on some of the things God is stirring nationally as God’s people are hearing a fresh call to pray.

And then yesterday we gathered as one church for the first time in ages, at Central Methodist. There was a great buzz as we shared lunch in the large hall and a real sense of excitement and anticipation as we worshipped together. Where might we go with this partnership with Central? What might the future mission of God looked like in York and the North if we worked together? And I challenged us all to slow down in Lent, so we can simplify our lives and focus on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-3).

As I’ve reflected on the weekend Psalm 133 keeps coming back. It’s one of the shortest psalms in the bible where David is simply thankful for the unity God has brought to the people. I know it’s one of the key bible passages on this theme and so an obvious place to go, but I really do feel it summarises the weekend. Living and working in unity really is ‘good’ (v.1) and it feels like the sensation we get when the Spirit of God is flowing (eg. at a great ordination – v.2) or like being refreshed on a hot day (v.3). God likes this and ‘bestows his blessing – even life for evermore’ (v.4). That’s what we’re looking for – for God to be guiding us and leading us and smiling upon us. And that’s how it felt to me this weekend. But not just so that we feel good. It’s so we can give away what the Lord has given us. So we can see more lives changed. So ultimately we can be serving God’s transformation of the North.

So as I awaken this morning I am thankful. Grateful. Appreciative of all those who helped make these things happen at the weekend. But ultimately thankful to our great God. Simply thankful.

What are you thankful for today? Why not turn your thoughts into some simple words of thanksgiving to our good God. You don’t need eloquent words or long sentences. Just keep it short and sweet. Together we can be simply thankful.