Yesterday I spoke about something that I’m convinced, if it’s embraced by the people of The Belfrey, will transform our church, our city and our region. In fact if anyone gets hold of this teaching of Jesus, believes it and lives it, then it’ll have the same effect.

Yesterday was the last in a 5-week series on foundational teaching Jesus gives in Mark 4 about his growing kingdom. I said at week one that this series had the potential to be the most significant I have yet taught at The Belfrey. I still believe it.

Yesterday I spoke at the morning congregations about tiny mustard seeds from Mark 4:30-32. They are small, full of life and, if rooted in good soil, grow big. And Jesus said that the work of God is like that in us. God’s work in us often feels small and insignificant but the potential for multiplication and transformation is massive.

Yesterday everyone got seeds. Half a dozen or so. Not mustard seeds (they would have been too small to have a good look at) but sunflower seeds. They were held, felt and examined. From this small seed will come a mighty sunflower. How come? Because God has put all the life and energy for the next generation in the seed. It’s all in there – in the DNA. Amazing!

Yesterday we saw that it’s exactly the same with people. God has entrusted all his life and energy – the DNA for future generations of disciples – in you and me, by placing the seed of his kingdom in us. Wow! That’s tremendous! That’s a privilege! And that’s a responsibility.

Yesterday as I spoke I saw afresh the choice that is before us. We either make sure the seed multiplies and breaks out from us, into others. Into people. Bringing transformation. Or the seed is left or lost and all the life and energy within fails to be released.

Yesterday. That was yesterday. But what about today? Will this message of Jesus have any impact today? It will if we not only see it but live it. So…

Today – plant seeds. In people. In your family. Friends. Neighbours. Work colleagues. If you ask, God’s Spirit will guide you to someone today with whom you can make a difference.

You see, the DNA is in the seed. All that’s needed is stored up in there. Waiting to be activated. Waiting to be released. Waiting to grow. And, if you are a disciple, the seed of God’s kingdom has been entrusted to you. So let it out. Plant seeds. Today.