I’m speaking across the day this Sunday on The Fear of Not Having Enough. I’ve been thinking about this fear and how it often holds us back in life and hinders giving. That’s why it needs overcoming in many of us and sometimes, if it’s become a spiritual stronghold it needs breaking, in Jesus’ name.

God loves us to give, because when we give, we mirror him. Giving is at the heart of our gracious God. And there are all sorts of ways we can give. So when we give time and thought, energy and skill, money and resources, love and kindness, thanksgiving and adoration then we’re displaying something of the generous nature of God.

God made us to give. The world thrives as people give and goes wrong when we stop giving. When we take rather than give. When we’re selfish rather than selfless.

If giving is at the heart of God, then growing more God-like will involve more giving. Giving more time, energy and money.

Can I give more? Am I not already at the end of my resources? No. None of us ever are. We sometimes think we are. But we’re not. There’s always more. More than we think. Because God replenishes and refills. Which is why the Spirit of God is constantly nudging me to step up my giving. Sometimes in small steps. And sometimes in large ones. I suspect he’s doing the same with you.