If you want to see evidence of sacrificial giving, look no further than the team getting things ready at St Cuthbert’s House of Prayer in York.

St Cuthbert’s House of Prayer officially launches on 1st February. Part of The Belfrey and a resource for others, this prayer and mission centre for York and the North is so exciting. I know it’s going to be very strategic for the future. What’s also significant is seeing how people are giving to St Cuthbert’s. So over the last few weeks a number of people have been giving extraordinary amounts of time to help refresh, decorate, clean and scrub. Interestingly some have been especially gifted in particular areas where we’ve needed help. And then there’s the core team for St Cuthbert’s, who’ve come together over the last six months. They are all giving at least two days a week to pray and serve in the House. I find this remarkable and wonderful. Here is evidence of painful, sacrificial giving. Giving which the Lord will honour.

I am sure there are many other examples of painful offering (see yesterday’s blog Pain in the Offering) in all sorts of areas of life, where people have gone the extra mile (or ten) and given of themselves. It’s always inspiring to see people giving time, energy and resources to get behind a vision.

The vision of St Cuthbert’s House of Prayer is to be a centre for prayer and mission seeking God and his transformation of the North. That’s a fantastic vision that I’m pleased to not only commend but to be part of.