We’ve recently moved house, so it’s all go in the Porter household as we try to unpack and get things straight. It will take a while but I’m grateful to the property team at York Diocese for all the work they’ve done into renovating the Vicarage at Jubilee Terrace. Whilst there’s still some work going on they’ve done a fantastic job!

Greg and Tamie Downes move to the Vicarage in Muncastergate at the end of next week to join us at The Belfrey. I’m grateful to Rob Hill and a small team who’ve been working amazingly hard to turn the Muncastergate Vicarage round ready for their arrival. They’ve been going the extra mile!

This week a great saint of The Belfrey, Malcolm Morris, died. It was a privilege to be around the bedside with him and the family the day before – to pray and anoint Malcolm in preparation for the fulness of heaven. I’m grateful to the kind staff of Derwent House Care Home in Kexby for their care – and especially to the many people from church who have visited them. It’s been great to see the compassionate body of Christ in action.

I spoke with a wonderful couple this week who I married twelve years ago. They’ve been through some tough times but they’ve come through. But rather than moaning or blaming each other I’m grateful that they’ve instead chosen to renew their wedding vows in church before God. I think that’s great.

Some boxes that had been in storage arrived this week which included some old books from the family home. As I sorted through I found some old letters written in hard times and heartache. They were full of warm, comforting words. There was even my grandfather’s bible that he’d dedicated to his son (my Uncle Gordon) who’d been killed in the Second World War. I was deeply moved as I read the words he’d inscribed: ‘In memory of our loving son… For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive’. I’m grateful not only for my Christian heritage but also for the fresh reminder that faith in Jesus really is transformative, giving us real hope even in the midst of deep sadness.

As I look back on this week, these are just a few of the things for which I’m grateful. And this morning I’ve been turning my gratitude into thanksgiving to God.

How about you? What are you grateful for? And have you turned your gratitude into thanksgiving?