There is always more. More to see and hear. More to learn. More to know and experience and pass on. More of life. More of love. More of God.

I spoke to The Belfrey staff last week out of Revelation 3:20. Jesus wants the Christian community in Laodicea to know he is nearby. Not far away. In fact he’s very close, but wants to be closer. We know this because he describes himself being behind a closed door. And he invites them to open the door into an even deeper, closer relationship. So they can know him more. And make more of a difference in the world.

For many, this is the reality of how it feels. Despite Christ being close, it seems like he’s outside the door, not inside. Like he’s in the next room, not this one. Yes, nearby. But not right next to us. Jesus agrees: ‘I’m just outside the door’.

What’s Jesus doing? He is knocking on the door of our lives and saying ‘let me in’.

Sometimes we can ignore someone knocking at our front door on purpose.We don’t want to see them! Other times we ignore the door simply because we don’t hear. Maybe we’re asleep. More likely these days, the music is just too loud to hear.

Is the music of your life so loud, that you can’t hear Jesus knocking?

Jesus says he’d like to come in and ‘dine with you.’ Rather than stand outside, he’d prefer to sit down and share a fine meal with you. This is an invitation to relationship. It means he wants to hang out and enjoy good times of fun and laughter. And serious conversation too.

Dining is great, but it takes time. We’re not talking quick TV-dinners or fast food here. Christ is inviting us to take time to sup with him. If we want more of God, we have to be intentional and give him time.

For those who want this, Jesus invites them to do something very simple – to open the door. To pray and welcome him into your life. And – as this is written to a community – for even whole communities to do that!

All this tells us that Christ is close, but wants to be closer. It’s the message at the heart of this Pentecost season, that the Holy Spirit of God is present and available to all who ask. Which is why we pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’.

Jesus says: ‘I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with them’ (Rev 3:20).