‘All they want is my money’ is a phrase I’ve occasionally heard from people about church. Bad experience can unfortunately lead some to that conclusion. But in most churches it’s not true. I and other church leaders don’t just want people’s money. We want them! 

Church is a community following Christ and making a difference in the world. To do that requires people. In fact church is people.

Christ wants the same. He is looking for communities of people who will follow him and make a difference in the world. In every village, town, city, region and nation. It’s about people.

God wants and calls people. The church should want the same.

So where does money fit in? That’s a good question to ask at The Belfrey at this time when we’re inviting people to start, or to renew, regular financial giving to the church. Heidi Baker is helpful on this. She says:

Did you know God loves it when we give extravagantly – over and above what would be expected? 
One day I was weeping on the floor and asking God how He could possible use my tiny life for His amazing plans. I was feeling small and sad. I knew there was a sea of humanity out there in desperate need. Do you know what He said to me? I heard him speak these beautiful words:
“Heidi, I like your little life. And I accept your offering. I’m going to take it and I am going to multiply it for my glory.”
Only God can multiply a tiny seed and make it grow. He can use something small and seemingly insignificant to grow something vast and full of purpose. Don’t be afraid that all you can offer is yourself. He can do ‘immeasurably more that all [you] can ask or imagine’ (Ephesians 3:20) with your laid-down life. 

So here’s Heidi’s advice:

Throw yourself into the offering today. Not as a tithe, but as a whole sacrifice to the Lord. Give yourself and watch what God does with you.

That’s the attitude. We give our lives. Once we do that, giving anything else – including money – is much more straightforward. We give as much money as we can to make the biggest difference we can. And we trust that God will provide for us, so we can give again. 

Sam and I have found that as we’ve done that year after year, God has been amazingly faithful so that we always have more than enough, so we can give again, and again, and again. But it all starts with giving yourself.