A few weeks ago I shared what I sensed was a prophetic word for an older member of our church. It was about how he was going to see an increase in the effectiveness of his prayers when praying for people for healing and that the Lord had saved the best years of Christian service for his latter years. It was an exciting word!

Last week Doug Greenfield, a senior member of The Belfrey passed on a similar message to me which he’d been sent, relating to seniors in general. I think it’s worth sharing here in my Discipleship Blog:

I see a company of radical believers in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond arising in these days. This generation will experience personal revival that will re-ignite their passion and their purpose. They are full of wisdom, zeal and they carry dreams yet to be fulfilled. Their latter glory will be greater than the former.

I see them walking with the younger generations and empowering them with encouragement.

They are gathering together and redefining the term “senior”. They will be a sought after generation. They will be honoured and respected by the younger generation. Many will arise to places of predominance and leadership. They will produce more fruit in their latter days with less effort.

Financial increase and sudden provisional surplus will come to them. Favour will rest upon this generation and a wave of healing, health, and rejuvenation will visit them. Their “latter glory” will be greater than the former and they will be filled with joy that overflows!

Let it be!

(If you’re encouraged by this word and it seems to resonate with you, why not read my recent Leadership Blog on Jacob, which has a similar message entitled It’s Not Too Late).