Here’s a short 4 minute film recorded last week on Why I Pray. It was produced by Belfrey Media for The Gathering, a regular Friday night event, to help people go deeper in prayer.

We’re in a season, I believe, where the Lord is calling us to awakening.  (If you’ve not seen it, do watch my video on this from earlier in the year, by clicking here). The church needs re-awakening to the wonder of Christ and the power of the Spirit (Eph 5:14). And our nation is being called to a spiritual awakening (2 Chron 7:14), which is why both Archbishops have asked all the clergy to gather their communities to pray.

There are lots of ways to pray. Lots of types of prayer. Lots of styles. The most important thing is that we pray! That’s why we ended The Belfrey’s annual meeting last night with 40 minutes of prayer, concluding with us kneeling before our Servant King and saying the Lord’s Prayer.

Nothing of lasting significance happens without prayer.