It’s one thing to sing, but another to adore. Singing is good, but adoring is different. We’re no longer singing about something or someone, we’re singing to them. We’re singing a song of love.

Adoration is the language of lovers. Of those who’ve found something delightful, scintillating and captivating about another. That kind of discovery requires expression – in devotion, and love. In adoration.

That’s what the Magi – the so-called Wise Men – did that first Christmas. When they encountered the infant Jesus – the God-child – the bible says that ‘they bowed down and worshipped’ (Matthew 2:11). The Greek word used there for worship is proscunio, which means ‘to come towards to kiss’. It’s the language of adoration. And it’s what we do at Christmas. Like the Wise Men, we adore the Christ-child. We give him our heart-felt love. In our words and our actions.

Adoring Christ is at the heart of this season. We do it as a response to his love, and to please him. But as we do, it’s also good for us and pleases us and nourishes our souls. True worship – worship that’s more than just saying the right words – does just this. That’s because adoration stimulates the soul.

So adore Christ today. Right now. Give him your love and devotion. Tell him. Sing to him. A song of love. And then go and live a life of devotion for him today, expressed in the love-song of your work and relationships. He will receive it as a glorious act of adoration.

‘O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord.’