Sometimes a phrase arrests me. It makes me stop. Think. Pray. Ponder. That happened this morning.

I was reading the bible as I normally do first thing, and as I read Ephesians 3 the words ‘the boundless riches of Christ’ stopped me short. Sometimes when I come across phrases like that I just read on, passing them over as just another way of saying ‘the goodness of Jesus’. But it was different this morning. I paused and began to think about that phrase. ‘The boundless riches of Christ.’ Why those particular words? What truth do they tell me? What do they mean?

They mean that Jesus has treasure. Treasure to share. Treasure to enjoy and to give away. He has ‘riches’. So we always have more than enough. So we can be generous. Jesus Christ is not short of anything. Of love. Of forgiveness. Of time. Of energy. Of money. Of vision. Of wisdom. Of kindness. All we need and more is found in him. In Christ. That’s why he’s worth knowing. That’s why he’s worth following. He’s amazing!

It also means that there are no boundaries to his treasure-chest. It’s huge. Limitless. Borderless. That’s why the bible says that he’s generous. Bountiful. Extravagant. That his grace is ‘lavished on us.’ That ‘he gives the Spirit without measure.’ That he’s able ‘to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine.’ His resources are vast!

This perspective is utterly transformative. Having this mind-set should affect all my thinking, praying and living. It means I have all the resources I need for today and more. All the love to give. All the hope to share. All the vision to see. In every circumstance there’s always more than enough. Because those who follow Christ – who live ‘in him’ – have ‘boundless riches’ to share.

Translate this into your home. Your marriage. Your family-life. Into your street. Your workplace. Your gym. Your church. Your community. It changes everything.

It’s ‘boundless riches’. Found in Christ. But generously shared with us. So we can share with others.

That got my attention. Because that’s what I – and this crazy, wonderful world in which I reside – genuinely need. To know. To live. And to give away.