God Conversations is a book by Tania Harris about how God speaks and what happens when we listen. I’ve just finished it. It’s a well-written, encouraging read and includes lots of great personal stories of God speaking to her about all sorts of things, in all sorts of ways. I thoroughly recommend it.

The chapter that got me thinking the most was the last one. It’s all about God speaking to people who don’t yet acknowledge him. How he communicates and gets their attention. Tania writes:

Perhaps you’ve heard a voice but you haven’t seen a face. You sense a force, but you haven’t met a person.

This voice is not your own, it’s not your intuition or your thoughts. It’s not a wave of abstract forces in the universe. It’s the voice of a person who longs to be heard; the God who wants to be known.

Tania particularly highlights how this sometimes happens through dreams. And she tells a story of how she found herself at a gathering which included a Reiki healer, an astrologer and a psychic, some of whom shared their dreams with her. Dreams are one way that God speaks to me, and so this chapter stirred all sorts of questions in my mind. In particular it made me wonder if followers of Jesus who hear from the Lord in dreams could be used more to help those who aren’t yet Christ-followers to understand their dreams. What if we went to New Age fairs? Or set up a booth outside of our churches, offering dream interpretation? What if this way of hearing from the Lord could be used not just pastorally but also missionally? What if this gift was meant to be used much more outside of the church, than inside?

Gifts are meant to be given away. Not kept to ourselves. So what if many or most of the gifts we’ve been given are meant more for outside of church that inside? For some, that’s a radical way of thinking. But I suspect it’s true as, after all, we’re called not just to be disciples who change the church but who change the world.

God Conversations, by Tania Harris is published by Authentic Media, priced £9.99 in paperback an £7.99 on kindle.

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