It was a warm day yesterday and I’d been driving with the window down. I came to park the car. The space was tight so I leaned out to check for distance. SMACK! went my head against the window. I was slightly dazed. And confused. I’d forgotten that I’d put it up a few moments before! I thought the window was down.

I’ve never done that before. Never smacked my head against a car window like that. But I have now. And I’m pleased to say that both the head and the window are fine.

How come I forget that I’d put the window up? I mean, I’d only done it maybe 20 seconds before. How did I forget? I don’t know. I just did. Like when I go to a different room in the house to get something, and end up standing at the door trying to recall what it was I was supposed to fetch! Sometimes I just forget things.

All this made me think about forgetting and remembering. Are there some things in life that I should never forget? Because the bible says (Psalm 103:2) that we should ‘not forget the good things God gives’. So I asked a few people about this yesterday and here’s what we came up with. To be honest I found the list challenging, so I’ve added my personal response, which I need to work on! The list is in no way exhaustive or necessarily authoritative, but it’s not a bad Top 10.

So.. never forget:

1. Jesus died for me. That’s how much he loves me.
Response: So I live for him.

2. Loving God and loving people is not negotiable.
Response: So I love.

3. Everyone needs Jesus.
Response: So I show and tell of his love.

4. The world is wonderfully made by God.
Response: So I look after it.

5. Everyone makes mistakes.
Response: So I am accommodating. And learn from mine.

6. There is a Judgment Day when we’ll all give an account for our lives.
Response: So I live with eternity in mind.

7. Birthdays of loved ones.
Response: So I have a way to remember.

8. Your PIN no!
Response: So mine is memorised.

9. To change your socks!!
Response: So they go in the laundry every night.

10. To wind down the car window before you try to lean out!!
Response: So I check first.

What don’t you ever want to forget? What would be in your Top 10?