As it was my wedding anniversary earlier in the month I thought I’d blog about my wife – Sam. Sam is great. Really great. In fact so great she’s absolutely fabulous 🙂 (see blog of 19th August).

I’ve decided one reason she’s great is because she has the God-given qualities of a true Northern lass. ‘What are they?’ you might ask. Well I was with with some Yorkshire gentlemen recently when this very subject happened to be debated, and here are the 5 qualities we came up with.

1. Birth
Born Bradford. 1968. Tick box.

2. Work
Northern women have not traditionally sat around and been served. Usually they’re the ones getting their hands dirty and working hard. Sam is like that. Very practical. She gives of herself to her family and others. Tick box.

3. Talk
Whilst Sam is sometimes quiet and demure, get to know her and you’ll discover she’s a straight-talking girl who calls a spade a spade. You know where you are with her. No messing. Tick box.

4. Gravy
Yes. Every now and then Sam thinks that chips with gravy on top is just what the doctor ordered. Tick box.

5. Peas
Very important. And yes – definitely. ‘Pie just isn’t the same without mushy peas’ says our Sam. Tick box.

So there we have it. The Yorkshire blokes I was with think these 5 Qualities may well become the definitive test of what makes a girl truly ‘Northern’. We’re sure you’ll agree.

Gents – how does your missus fair?