So my daily blog for August comes to an end. Probably back to something more weekly for the foreseeable future as I’m back to ‘proper’ work tomorrow. So, how’s August been? Here are some ‘ninety second interview’-style answers.

New Wine high: The new Burn evening venue, led by Luke Smith. Brilliant.

Olympic high: Mo Farah’s amazing double gold.

Culinary high: A Saturday evening family BBQ at The Beach House – burgers, drumsticks, steak, the works. Yum.

Sporting opportunities: Dabbled at sea swimming, surfing and kayaking. But nothing in recent days since straining my back.

Challenged by: Crosswords. And discovering a friend I’d known in teenage years had died earlier in the year.

Laughed at: Peter Kaye. Myself.

Read: Caught up with last 2 editions of Monocle magazine, plus good books including Heidi Baker, Richard Branson, John-Paul Flintoff, David Nicholls and some excellent stuff on church planting.

Proud of: Ben’s band Likely Lads opening Thurs night of Leeds Festival.

Not proud of: Realising I was exhausted when I got to New Wine at end of July.

Pleased by: The news that our friends Tash Tranter and James Fletcher got engaged whilst in Morocco!

Less committed to: ‘Business as usual’. Being stuck behind a desk. Taking myself too seriously.

More committed to: Fitness and exercise. Prayer. People. Church Planting. Serving God’s transformation of the North.

Grateful for: Family. Friends. Jesus Christ. And time to reflect, rest and be renewed in August.