Here’s the video we showed last night at The Belfrey’s Celebrating the Life evening. As we looked back, and then looked ahead I found myself so thankful for all that has happened over the past 12 months. Like me, I hope you find the video inspiring.

APCM 2013 from The Belfrey on Vimeo.

One thing the video does for me, is help me remember. Because I find I do quite quickly forget. But the bible tells us – very clearly in Psalm 103:2not to forget! And, conversely, that we should ‘remember what God has done’ (1 Chron 16:12). Watching a video like this is one way a community can remember.

But what about individuals and families? How can they remember? How do you remember? For me, journalling is one of the main ways. Journalling is a record of my reflections on life. It is more than a diary, as a diary simply lists what has happened whilst a journal is comments, thoughts, prayers about the things that have happened. So journalling helps me think, pray and consider. But a great bi-product is remembering, because from time to time I re-read the entries and I’m reminded of some of the things the Lord has been doing. In particular I re-read my past year of journal entries on 31st December each year, and it really is a revelation! I have forgotten so much, and find that even if there have been some tough and difficult things during the year, that I am filled with thanks and praise to God!

Not everyone will find journalling comes naturally. For people like that, I normally advise them to find another way to record the stuff of life. Another way to remember. So my friend Luke Smith has recently been doing this by dictating to his iPhone using a dictaphone app. People think he’s on the phone, but he’s actually doing a bit of digital journalling!

However you do it, the important thing is to make sure you do remember, and – as Psalm 103:2 says – to turn that into praise of God. Because our God is good. Very good. Never forget that.