I’ve been getting my seminar ready for the New Wine N&E Conference that’s soon to begin. I’m speaking on The Revelation, Interpretation & Application of Dreams – a subject that’s always fascinated me but is rarely discussed. So I thought I’d be adventurous and take a lead. There are all sorts of books out there on the subject and whilst some are ok, most – in my opinion – are not very helpful. So maybe I should write one. But whether I write one or not, it’s reminded me that, at the end of the day, the place we go for help, guidance and inspiration is the bible. There’s no book like it. There’s no text that’s so helpful, so authoritative, so practical and so timeless (2 Timothy 3:16-17). It’s the bible. Every time.

That doesn’t mean that reading the bible is always easy. Sometimes there’s some work to do to understand and translate into contemporary culture. But if we read the bible prayerfully and humbly, asking God to speak, then life, energy, truth and wisdom is released to us, to give away. I’ve found this time and time again. Which is why as we begin this month of August – a month that for many is a season of slowing down, holidaying and relaxation – don’t neglect the bible. Don’t leave it on your bookshelf getting dusty. Instead make sure it’s the first thing in your suitcase or hand-luggage. Read a section every morning as you have your wake-up cup of tea. Start with the word as you put God first. Like good food, have a healthy daily diet of Scripture, and you will be nourished and grow over the next month.

Have a very happy August.