We had a great party at The Vicarage last night with the 4 members of Likely Lads, plus girlfriends and families. It was nice to meet the wider Likely Lads family and enjoy chatting as a good supply of meat kept coming off the BBQ and then some wonderful puddings were served. It was also a beautiful evening outside and as the sun went down the candles were lit and the music played…

Likely Lads are working really hard trying to make excellent music with a northern vibe that has something to say and entertains. They released a new single yesterday – Danger – that you can listen to by clicking here. Even though the style probably appeals more to a younger generation than to a 40-something like me, they’re producing some great tracks. And enjoying the music.

It’s so good to enjoy music. Because music is a gift to enhance life. Imagine, what would life be like if God hadn’t created music? Imagine no singing in the shower. No musical score behind a classic movie. No Last Night at the Proms. No singing at football matches. No music in the car or kitchen. No songs on your ipod. No singing great songs and hymns of worship to God. No Wembley concerts. No children singing. No seranading of a lover. No singing in the rain. Life without music would be incredibly dull. Boring. Bland.

Music is a gift from God worth celebrating, and worth sharing, however life is going.That’s why King David, when he was going through a stressful period of his life, nevertheless promises himself and God (in Psalm 57:7) that he ‘will sing and make music’. If David can do that even when his life was under threat, then you can do the same. So whatever your musical preference, why not find a favourite piece of music today and press play? If you’re able, you could even sing it or play it on a musical instrument! Do it now and enjoy the music.