The Holy Spirit likes Advent.

He was busy at work during the first Advent. Sending angels to commission and call people. Filling people like John the Baptist with his presence even whilst still inside his mother’s womb! The Holy Spirit was guiding people, prompting people, speaking to minds and hearts in all sorts of ways, including through dreams and prophecies. On Sunday at The Belfrey we saw how the song of Zechariah flowed out from deep within him as the Spirit flowed in (Luke 1:67). That’s often how it is with the Holy Spirit – as he pours in something naturally flows out.

The same Spirit is at work amongst us today. Leading and touching and blessing and filling people. This is especially true at Advent. That’s why this is a great time to be praying that ancient prayer of the church: ‘Come Holy Spirit’. Because he will come if we ask him (Luke 11:13), and he will come and bring the presence of Jesus. The presence that makes all the difference. The presence that brings faith to the faithless, hope to the hopeless and love to the loveless. All this is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit who is at work in the world all the time and who loves every season. But especially Advent. The Holy Spirit likes Advent.

So be attentive to his presence. Be listening for his voice. Be aware of his nudging. He is close. And on the move. A fresh wave of his presence is coming. Especially in the cities, towns and villages of the North.

Are you ready?

Why not read the first chapters of Luke and Matthew and see how the Spirit was at work in the first Advent? And why not pray that he will come afresh to you and your community in our day?