Queen Victoria was out walking one summer afternoon near Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was tired and wanted a rest and a drink. She passed a couple of houses and knocked on the door of one of them. There was no answer. She knocked a couple of times. Still there was no answer. The lady inside was busy and couldn’t be bothered to answer the door. The Queen ended up walking on home.

The neighbour across the road saw all this through her front window. In the evening that day, the two women chatted as they pottered in their garden. With more than a hint of jealousy, the neighbour said, ‘I see that the Queen called at your place today.’

The other lady had no idea and was bitterly disappointed at missing this opportunity of having the Queen to tea. So for the rest of her life that woman waited every day for the Queen to return. She never came.

In Advent we’re reminded to be ready for the coming of the King of kings. It’s so easy to be distracted and miss the opportunities that come our way. Don’t do that. Be sharp. Be observant. Be ready.

Is King Jesus knocking at your door, looking for a welcome? Do you miss divine opportunities because you’re too busy?