‘Miracles happen on ordinary days’ – so says Heidi Baker in her moving book Learning to Love. That’s true in my experience, and it’s true in Scripture.

I believe in the miraculous. I really have to, because I’ve seen too many. Too many healings of people – from headaches to cancers. Too many examples of miraculous provision – from gifts of money to the supernatural filling of jars of anointing oil. And they all tend to happen when I least expect it. Often in the midst of ordinariness, something extraordinary happens that can only be the wonderful work of Jesus. It gets my attention and my heart is captured again by the goodness of the Lord. 

The Bible is full of this: of people going about their everyday business, and then the miraculous happens. Moses is doing his day-job tending sheep, when he stumbles across a bush on fire, out of which God speaks. Mary is at home when an angel appears and gives her life-changing news of what’s going to happen in her body. Peter is finishing his day’s work fishing when Jesus calls him to follow him and there and then he agrees. A woman who’s been suffering with gynaecological issues for twelve years probably didn’t wake up one day and think she’s going to be healed, yet that day she meets a man named Jesus, reaches out to touch him, and at that moment she becomes well. 

Miracles happen. And they happen on ordinary days. 

For most of us reading this blog, today is a fairly ordinary day. Sounds like a good day for a miracle.